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Introducing Broker

Partner with FxPortugal to refer customers to our award-winning brand and earn as they trade.

Our introducing broker program rewards individuals and businesses who refer new customers to our award-winning trading service. Simply introduce customers to us using your own contacts or marketing efforts and we’ll do the rest.

Easy commission payouts daily

Favorable trading terms

Unlimited commission

No hidden charges and restrictions

How to become an IB?

Most Introducing Brokers can also handle their customers’ accounts for them or can counsel and consult with their customers. On behalf of the client, an introductory broker may be an investor who simply guides the customers to the brokerage firm they trust the most.

The most important thing is that an IB is a person who makes money by sending their clients to a specific brokerage. It is a commission-based job that can often work with other roles, such as educational ones.

IB Commission upto 20 USD

5 Tier IB Commission Structure

Master IB gets upto 20% Commission

Key benefits of becoming an Introducing Broker

Make money based on commissions

An IB will work primarily to locate those who are interested in the foreign exchange market and help them find the best broker for them. IB’s should include a wide, broad spectrum of all the options they know about and allow potential consumers to select the best choice.

Keep your customers engaged and happy

If you have clients you deal with in forex trading, it is much easier to work with a broker that you trust and that you understand. This not only benefits your consumers but also your word-of-mouth advertising; a happy customer can tell their mate.

Enable your customers easier to handle

It can be an amazing challenge to handle multiple customers if they are all on different brokers and have a multitude of different accounts. Managing your customers on a single platform ensures that you will be able to understand all the nuances of that specific platform.

Factors to become an IB

Being an introductory broker naturally depends heavily on one aspect: the brokerage business you are representing. Before you can sell it to another customer, you would need to find a product in which you genuinely believe and which you can experience inside out. Being an introducer broker means that there is vital work that needs to be done by sales and promotions, and it also means that you are not only responsible for sourcing buyers, but also ensuring that they are satisfied.

It is also a matter of size to be an introductory broker in the forex market. Many IB’s set up websites that provide instructional training and then properly funnel traffic. This not only guarantees that the consumer gets what they want, but it also implies that brokers can develop many hundreds, if not thousands, of conversions without having to expend much time on creating those leads.

Key Features Of An FX Introducing Broker

Goal-oriented and driven

An IB functions as a free and autonomous agent, they need to have the motivation they need to succeed. They need to be self-sufficient, willing to hunt down new customers, and follow up to ensure that they are pleased with the service they have been provided.

Intuitive and educated

Those who want to become an IB would need a winning strategy; it is only possible to build this strategy through the forex industry's experience and knowledge. The legal implications and conditions involved also need to be discussed by those who administer funds that are not their own.

Charismatic and outgoing

Being an initiator broker is a sales job at its heart, even though trading is also included. A person who hopes to make commissions as an IB will need to be able to sell goods, and you also need to believe in it, and it's not enough just to know everything there is to know about the project.

Experienced and qualified

Not only will an IB need to make sure they understand the advantages of the forex brokerage they endorse, but they will also need to know about advanced forex techniques and abilities, else their customers will not be considered trustworthy.

With all that in mind, you just need to get licensed, start networking, and grow your client base if you want to become an IB. There is a lot of work and obligation for an introductory broker, but they are paid back by big, regular rewards.

Become an Introducing Broker

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