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Choose from a world of Trading assets

We strive to provide the best trading opportunity to our users. We select products that give access to the most popular and liquid market across the globe.

Forex CFD

The most liquid asset in the world is Forex. In this you can trade with many Forex pairs. The Forex market provides traders the opportunity to trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Indices CFD

Get access to the world’s largest indices with Vision Forex. Traders can enjoy commission-free, 24/5 trading across major markets.

Commodities CFD

Factors like economic, political & environmental influence Commodities such as Copper, Coffee and Sugar. These commodities can be traded like a currency pair against the USD or as a Futures CFD.

Crypto CFD

Cryptos, the unique & very popular digital currencies that are changing the financial industry. They are perfect for trading as they lack physical form and are decentralised in nature.

Stocks CFD

With FxPortugal, you get access to the world’s largest stock market. We have selected world’s most popular company stocks to give you the best trading experience.