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Become A Follower

Join any Strategy provider and start following them. Select any strategy of that provider.

Star Copy- Follower

Choose the Stretegy providerand start follwing them. Even while following you still have a control over you account. You can easily access and monitor your account.



Monitor and stay in charge of the trades

As Star Copy offers MT5 exposure and enables you to close trades, you hold the complete charge of the trades.

Consider Risk to take

Volume Distribution can be used to decide what proportion of the trades you would like to get copied from the Strategy Provider.



Fix your Rescue threshold

There’s no requirement to withdraw the whole deposited amount from your account. Setting a rescue threshold would allow you to hold a portion safe in the event of failure.

Unfollow at any point

If markets are accessible, one Strategy Provider can be unfollowed and another one can be chosen.



Draw away the assets at any point

Being a follower with Star Copy, you may opt to draw away revenues or available funds at any point you wish to.

Folow and Trade

Register your account with us


Select a strategy provider


Fund your account & start following


Keep track of the performance


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