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Become A Strategy Provider

Be on top of the hierarchy. Become a strategy provider and showcase your skills.

Star Copy- Strategy Provider

Open your account at Starfinex, showcase your skills and techniques. Demonstrate your result. get access to a pool of followers. Accept followers and grab rewards as per your positive performance.

Strategy Provider


Up to 50% success premium

If a Strategy Provider has promising outcomes, his clients are entitled to earn a success premium fee.

Payments assessed twice a week

The payments are estimated according to the High Watermark system and are assessed twice a week to the Strategy Provider.



Maintain Separate strategy accounts

Each Strategy Provider is authorized to maintain three separate accounts within which he may implement different settings.

Showcase your trading skills

Performance and outcomes of the Strategy Providers are shown on an output table from which Followers can evaluate, track and pick.



Spontaneously Automated estimation

All the estimations are carried out spontaneously from the moment a follower selects Volume Allocation & Rescue Stage.

Become a Strategy Provider

Register your strategy account with us


Submit funds in your verified account


Trade & showcase your trading skills to attract followers


Grab performance fee for your positive performance


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