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Micro Account

Enjoy trading with the Starfinex Micro Account – a conventional trading account except when it comes to the balance, that is only shown in cents. Begin trading the markets with a minimum deposit of ten dollars, and it will appear in your account as 1000 cents.

Micro Account With Starfinex

Trading the Forex markets with a micro account is the best choice for traders on a tight budget with little to no experience. This type of account might is a good option for investors who have lost their confidence or simply need to try out a new strategy although setting up a demo account is a viable alternative in the second case. Designed for traders new to the Forex market and those trading smaller volumes, the Starfinex Micro account allows investors to trade smaller trade sizes and open an account with a lower initial deposit than a Classic account all from the powerful MetaTrader 5 platform.

Trading the Forex markets with a micro account is the best solution for traders with next to no experience on a tight budget. This form of account may be a successful choice for investors who have lost their trust or wish to test out a different approach, although setting up a demo account is a feasible solution in the second example.

The Starfinex Micro account, built for traders fresh to the Forex sector and those dealing in limited quantities, enables customers to deal in smaller trading sizes and open an account with a lower initial deposit than a Classic account from the popular MetaTrader 5 platform.

Account Type


Trading Platforms

MT5, WebTrader, Mobile Trading

Spreads Pips

From 3 pip

Trading Instruments

Forex, CFD, Indices, Metals and Energy

Minimum Deposit


Minimum trade size (Lots)

0.01 Lot

Fifth Decimal

Maximum Leverage*



Market Execution

Trade size increment


Maximum Total Trade Size (Lots)

20 Standard lots

Max Simultaneous Open Orders


Margin Call / Stop Out Level

200% / 30%

Personal Account Manager


Telephone Trading


Account Currency


Commission for forex pairs


Raw Bonus


Open an Micro Account with us today!

Who can open Micro Account?

To novice traders who do need to know both the ins and outs of forex markets, the micro account is a feasible option. It is worth noting that when one trades with less capital, the volatility decreases significantly. Market volatility in micro-lots has a significantly lower effect on profitability and losses for a trader.

Having said that, micro accounts aren’t just used for investors who only lack experience. This alternative also benefits some well-versed traders as it provides them with more authority over their trading positions. For starters, they may choose to compare in tinier amounts of a particular industry pattern instead of utilizing big lots of 100,000 units.

In certain situations, some investors who enforce the automated trade method also prefer to use micro-accounts. They leverage the 1,000-unit lots to measure and strengthen their algorithmic investment strategies under actual-market conditions. It helps them to reach greater productivity at considerably lower risk costs.

Benefits of Micro Account

An initial investment of five dollars, pounds or euros is what it requires to open a Micro Account and begin trading on the live markets.
Newcomers can try their freshly acquired forex trading skills without the risk posed by other types of accounts.
The easy trading system allows traders to take advantage of specific openings and acquire expertise before jumping up and investing greater sums of capital.
Micro lots are a perfect option for those who use algorithmic commerce. Micro accounts help these traders to fine-tune their approaches by more detailed scaling of their positions.
Traders with micro-accounts would also benefit from the lower leverage capacity which, in effect, reduces the risk of their balance falling into the red.
Investors can check their Expert Advisors in their money without creating a major dent.
When working with a smaller micro-lot, traders have a greater degree of flexibility and control of their risk.

Open an Micro Account with us today!

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