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One Click Trading

We believe in making trading easy and accessible to all. Our one click trading is a simplified way to place order with single clicks.

One Click Trading

At Starfinex we strive to break down the complexities of trading. With our One Click Trading service our client can trade and execute their trading easily with single clicks.

One click trading makes trading quick and simple. Its mostly preffered by the clients who believe in making multiple transactions. Once the one click trading service is active, you can easily & quickly open and close the orders with single click.

Using "One Click Trading" Service


BUY Button

BUY button shows current ask price. When SELL button is clicked a command is send to the server to open a BUY order.


SELL Button

SELL button shows current bid price. When SELL button is clicked a command is send to the server to open a SELL order.


Current lot size

Using these arrows you can adjust your trade size i.e. either increase or decrease.

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Launching "One Click Trading" service

Download Platform


You can use one click trading feature with any platform i.e. MT5. Click here to download the platform.

Install the tool and then Login by entering the login details sent to your email. Click on “TOOLS” in the top menubar and select “OPTIONS.”

Setup an Account


Activate One Click Trading


A Dialog box will appear. At the bottom you will see a check box labelled “ONE CLICK TRADING”. Check the box and activate the one click trading. Now click on OK.

“Disclaimer” box containing Terms & conditions will appear. Read the terms and check “Accept these Terms and Conditions”, and then click OK.

Accept T&C


You have successfully activated One Click Trading on your platform. To start using it press ALT+T.

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