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Forex Trading

Starfinex is a leading leading brokerage firm around the world. When you trade with Starfinex, you open access to benefits only a top broker can offer. Open forex trading account with us and enjoy dealing seamlessly with our award-winning platforms and customer services.

What is Foreign Exchange?

Foreign exchange, generally known as Forex or FX trading, is associated with the intent of getting a profit out of the shifts in its value. This is one of the world’s most heavily traded stocks, with an estimated exchange amount of $5 trillion a day. Foreign exchange trade means exchanging one pair of currencies against another, anticipating that one currency will grow or decline against another. Currencies, including the Euro and the US Dollar (EUR / USD), are exchanged in pairs. Being the world’s biggest economy by far, larger than the one or the other, the forex industry has strong liquidity. The forex market thus draws many traders, newcomers and experienced alike.

We at Starfinex dedicate ourselves to a set of principles that establish our interaction with our customers. As such we deliver the strongest potential trading experience, providing top-notch multilingual customer support and the most innovative and user-friendly trading apps.

Advantages of trading Forex with Starfinex


Currency pairs – majors, minors & exotics


Tight spreads and leverage up to 1:1000


Funding methods – NO deposit fees


Superior trading tools


Dedicated customer support

How does Forex Trading works?

Forex trading is identical to buying stock or derivatives except that you buy or sell one currency against the other while selling foreign exchange, so you do not take possession of the underlying currency. CFDs are leveraged commodities which allow you to open up a place for only a fraction of the full exchange value. You don’t assume control of the commodity as compared to non-leveraged commodities, you have a stance about how you believe the stock should grow or decline in value. Though leveraged investments will magnify your profits, if the market turns against you, they will magnify losses too.

A lot of forex trading have typically been conducted through a forex broker, but with the increase of online trading, you can reap the benefits of forex market fluctuations through derivatives such as CFD trading.

Currency Pairs

A currency pair is an exchange-rate demand quotation for two separate currencies exchanged on FX markets. When an order for a currency pair is made, the first listed currency or base currency is purchased, while the second-mentioned currency is offered in a currency pair or quote currency. Currencies are subdivided into two key types-major and minor currencies. The main currencies come from the world’s most strong economies – the US, Japan, UK, Eurozone, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand. They create forex pairs together with the other currencies.

Why Trade Forex With Starfinex?

You should be able to trade confidently when trading forex, as well as almost any other tool. Profits can never be assured, so any form of trading has its benefits and pitfalls, as well as the possibility of losing funds. Feel confident with the knowledge that Starfinex has proven records of strength and reliability, with capital resources that allow us to evolve and drive the industry forward.

We know that trading may often be a little challenging and even daunting, but we’re doing all we can to ensure that you’re completely equipped to start trading in the actual world. Through offering excellent trading experience with outstanding execution and low stable costs, we will win your confidence and loyalty.

Our widest section of tools and instruments allow you to trade safely with peace and to know that Starfinex has your back. Everything that we do is at the highest possible standard, and we are making positive strides to constantly develop and significantly improve them for you.

Forex Spreads

The difference between the bid price and ask price is termed as the spread in forex trading. Within a currency pair, there are always two prices given, the bid and the asking price. The bid price refers to the amount you will sell the base currency for, and the asking price refers to the price you will pay to buy the base currency. The base currency can be seen on the left side of the currency pair, and the variable, quotation or counter currency on the right side. The comparison shows you how much one unit of the base currency is equivalent to the variable currency. The estimated purchasing price would often be greater than the listed sale price, with the actual market price somewhere in between.

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Forex Margins

The margin is one of the most essential terms to comprehend in leveraged forex trading. In general, the margin is the sum of money a trader has to bring in to place a deal and hold the spot. Margin is not an expense of the deal, but instead, a safe investment kept by the dealer when a forex exchange is active. Margin-trading currencies encourage traders to increase their visibility. For a lower initial capital outlay, Margin helps traders to create leveraged trading accounts to fund these comparatively larger transactions.

Improved Trading Tools

Our additions to MetaTrader 5 such as a one-click trade module, market depth, spread monitor, trade risk calculator, and advanced order types previously not available on MetaTrader 5 make for better trading experience.

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