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Indices Trading

Get access to the world’s most popular Indices available on our all trading platforms and trade seamlessly with our widest sections of instruments making up the index in just one trade.

What are Indices?

Indices offer an easy way to determine the overall performance of the shares traded on an exchange, or a segment of the stock market, over a while.

Indices are the most common type of CFDs because while exchanging Indices, as there is no underlying financial commodity to trade. This also implies that indices traders are reluctant to trade any indices directly and have to do so through a derivative product such as spread trades, CFDs, futures or ETFs instead. These products allow traders to bet on indices fluctuations without purchasing any single assets inside the index. Various asset groups may have indexes, but stock indices and commodity indices are the most recognized. Each index has its valuation system.

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Benefits of trading indices

Trading indices in stock-specific trading offers several benefits. It involves access to an entire index rather than a particular asset, ensuring that the investment is focused on the most widely exchanged shares in the indices. Without stock-specific risks, you can tap into the opportunity of a market or sector and broaden your trade opportunities. Indices allow you to speculate on both rising and falling markets thus enhancing your trade potential.

Indices are often moderately priced, which ensures buyers can spend a small percentage of the index valuation and may maximize their investment to enter bigger trades.

Why trade indices with Starfinex


Starfinex is one of the best online brokers offering widest sets of equity indexes, spanning stocks worldwide. Trade indices online with competitive spreads, leveraged trading, and reliably fast execution at Starfinex.


Experience flexible access to all over global markets, with our robust execution on a wide spectrum of markets. Trade seamlessly by switching on the run with our award-winning, natively crafted trading app


Stay secure with a trusted provider like us. With years of professional experience, we are proud to be offering a truly market-leading service with excellent multilingual customer support

Advantages of Equity Indices with Starfinex

Cost-effective and direct access to the equity markets

Instant access to global economies

Speculation on market uptrends/ downtrends

Speculation on market uptrends/ downtrends

Going short/long according to market moves

No extra and hidden fees apply

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